Personal Injuries

Posted by Higgins O Reilly on July 10 2013 @ 20:27

Talk to your solicitor if you have been injured to obtain advice about your entitlements to compensation.

All personal injury claims, with some exceptions, must first go to the Injuries Board, an independent government body. You are entitled to be represented by a solicitor throughout the application process and at any Injuries Board hearings.

If the person responsible for your injury is not disputing liability and gives their consent, your claim for damages can be assessed by the Injuries Board. Where the person responsible for your injury does not give consent to an Injuries Board assessment, the Injuries Board issues an authorisation to allow you to pursue your claim through the courts.

There is a limited period within which you can bring a claim so you should apply as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Once consent is received from the person against whom the claim is made, the Injuries Board has nine months to make an award. This period may be extended by a further six months, but cannot go beyond fifteen months.

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