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For Employers

Higgins O’Reilly Solicitor can satisfy all you employment law needs. It’s time to be proactive rather than reactive and investing in preventative legal strategies now is a cost-effective, prudent move for your business to make. Our services include:

  • RECRUITMENT: Advising employers when conducting Interviews and selections
  • CONTRACTS: Negotiating and reviewing employment Law contracts
  • DISCIPLINARY: Advising employers in connection with disciplinary investigations and attending internal and external hearings.
  • DISMISSALS: Advising employers on correct procedures critical in cases of termination, Dismissal and Redundancy.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Advising employers on their statutory duties under Health & Safety legislation;
  • REPRESENTATION: Representing employers before the Rights Commissioner, Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal, Equality Tribunal and the Circuit and High Court.
  • EQUALITY; Advising employers about equality issues, victimisation and discrimination.
  • TRAINING/SEMINARS: Provide seminars on various employment legislation obligations and prohibitions.

For a fixed monthly fee we can act as your 24hr on-call, in-house counsel or we can also provide our services on an ad-hoc or once-off basis, whatever suits your needs. You can fill out our enquiry form or contact us directly on 01 8720404/086 0247333.

For Employees 

Higgins O’Reilly Solicitors can provide the following services;

  • Negotiating and reviewing contracts of employment.
  • Advising you on your rights in case of termination, dismissal and redundancy. If you think you have been treated unfairly, then we can help you;
  • Advising employees about equality issues, victimisation and discrimination;
  • Representing employees at the Rights Commissioners, Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Circuit and High Court in employment related matters;
  • Advice in connection with disciplinary investigations and attending internal and external hearings.

Having trouble at work? Fill in our enquiry form and get an answer within 24 hours or alternatively contact us directly on 01 8720404/ 086 0247333.

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Melanie joined the firm in 2008 and formed the partnership  with Alice O’Reilly in January 2012, changing the firm’s name to Higgins O’Reilly Solicitors. The firm opened its second branch office in Leixlip, Co. Kildare in 2013, which Melanie heads up. 

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