Wills & Probate

We can advise on all aspects, from the initial stages of drafting a will to the extraction of a grant of Probate (when a person dies having made a Will) to letters of Administration (when a person dies without a Will). It can be a difficult and sometimes complex time for you. You may be appointed Executor and may need assistance with this.

  • We deal with the estate of the deceased person from your first visit to us, to distribution of the assets.
  • We advise you on the rights of the persons entitled and on the tax (if any) due.
  • We prepare the papers for lodgement with Revenue and the Probate Office.
  • We obtain the Grant of Probate or Administration for you. We gather in the assets and distribute them in accordance with the terms of the Will, or in accordance with the Law if there is no Will.

We then account to you in full for the estate.

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